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Display/Recorder/Integrating sound level meter - Embedded Web Server - IP Connection 
Article 4.c & 5.b of the Brussels-Capital Order of 26 January 2017

The AFF26 is a sound pressure logger display for simple and effective visualization of ambient sound pressure levels (bars, discotheques, concert halls, party halls).

In order to provide reliable support for sound level monitoring, the AFF26 has the distinction of being able to change color according to pre-defined thresholds and over a wide range of colors.

• Complies with article 4.c & 5.b of the order of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region of January 26, 2017, for the display and recording of sound levels.

• Visualization on three displays.
- Central display: LAeq1second
- Display down left: LAeq15min or LAeq60min
- Display down right: LCeq15min or LCeq60min

Each display is configurable in basic color and according to overruns.

• Recording sound levels: LAeq 1s , LCeq1s , LAeq15min or LAeq60min, LCeq15min or LCeq60min.

• A 9-level trend predictive indicator, based on the 1 minute Leq, makes it possible to better manage sound management and to act smoothly and with anticipation to avoid overtaking LAeq15min ou LCeq15min.

• Two relay outputs GPO1 and GPO2 (on RJ45) allow the triggering of an alarm or an external signaling.
Choice for each GPO of weighting A or C and Leq1s, 1min, 5min, 10min, 15min ou 60min.

• The consultation and the programming are carried out by the LAN port (IP).

• Integration in AFF26 of an embedded web server, allowing the configuration and the consultation in real time of the sound levels. The link in the form IP works with any OS, any browser and especially without downloading specific software.

• Operating alone or in a network.

• Supplied with a swivel bracket to allow the ideal orientation.

• 12V power supply provided.

• Dimensions: 265 x 150 x 35 mm