Extremely compact but powerful LED moving wash, perfect for use in clubs and discotheques but also for exhibition booths and small rental applications.
Based on 3pcs CREE XML LEDs (10W RGBW) for high light output and perfect color mixing.

  • Full DMX-control: 9ch (basic) or 16ch (advanced)
  • Standalone or master/slave: wonderful synchronized shows with internal mic.
  • DMX-master/slave: thanks to this revolutionary new feature several BT-W30FC Mk2 units, working in master/slave, can still be controlled by 1 or 4 DMX-channels! (even while connected in a DMX chain, optional mini DMX splitter required)
  • Optional remote controllers available: wired CA8
  • Smooth but extremely fast 540° panning and 270° tilt movements
  • Extremely fast strobe function
  • Beam angle: 25°
  • Low heat and very low power consumption
  • IEC in and out connector
  • Built-in menus with 4digit LED display
  • Compact and stylish enclosure
  • Equipped with omega brackets for fast installation