This Mk3-version is the successor of the very popular PRO Beamer, used by a huge number of rental companies.

It is 100% backward compatible with the original PRO Beamer but has some nice advantages:

Different extra DMX-modes with 16bit color control (R, G & B controlled by 2 channels: coarse + fine)
Two rings (ring + center) can be controlled separately
Very powerful RGBW LED projector (8400lux @ 2m) based on 7 quad-color 12W LEDs:
Unwanted RGBW shadows are completely eliminated
Perfect and evenly spread color mixing, even at short range.
Beam angle: 11°
The sturdy die cast aluminium housing is IP66 waterproof which makes this unit your first choice for all kinds indoor and outdoor applications: hotels, shops, discotheques, public & amusement parks, fairground attractions, theaters, medium and large stages, …
Perfect alternative for traditional PAR64 projectors: only 85Watt power consumption at full output and no need for heavy dimmer packs!
The use of LED Technology makes important energy (cost) savings possible compared to units based on halogen lamps!
Different DMX operation modes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15 & 23 channels
Thanks to all kinds of special features this projector is the choice of professional light designers:
Color temperature presets 3200K ~ 10.000K
White & RGB Calibration
Different dimmer curves
Neutrik PowerCon input/output (max. 15 units)
Mains cable with PowerCon included!
3pin + 5pin DMX input/output
Recall custom programs by DMX
Menu driven LED-display with password protection on the rear panel
Tempered glass lens protection
The 400Hz LED scan rate makes it also a perfect choice in TV studios (no interferences with TV-cameras)
Completely silent: the projector is cooled by natural air convection so no noisy fans are needed!
The lightweight aluminium housing uses a double hanging bracket so it can also be used as floor projector.