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  •  different effects in one single unit !
    • 3 individual Led Projectors for colored beams + UV/Blacklight effect (9x8W Red-Green-Blue-UV Leds)
    • LED effect: 84x0.75W Leds (Red-Green-Blue-Amber) for dynamic multibeam patterns
    • Led Strobe: 12x 0.5Watt White Leds
    • Laser: red (100mW) and green (30mW) laser patterns
  • Use the unit in any way you like it !
    • Standalone: sound activated (internal mic) or automatic shows. IR remote controller included.
    • Master/slave function for wonderful synchronized shows when several units are used.
    • DMX-control: via 3, 9, 11 or 28 Channels.
  • 3-digit LED display for easy menu navigation
  • IEC mains input + output for easy linking (check out our combi cables)
  • Key activated on/off switch and emergency switch (interlock) input for additional laser safety
  • Complies to EN/IEC 60825-1 for Laser Safety


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