• Fantastic laserburst effect using a 532nm 40mW green and 450nm 80mW blue laser
  • Thanks to special grating technology the beams are split-up in a lot of separate laser beams pointing in all directions to create an amazing, room filling effect.
  • Perfect for projections on walls and ceilings in bars, bedrooms, parties, etc.
  • The color of the beams changes all the time using laser blanking technology.
  • Plug & play: no expensive controllers needed!
  • A multifunctional infrared remote can be used to control the functions
  • Standalone mode with built-in microphone or automatic shows can be selected.
  • All kinds of strobe effects
  • Adjustable mounting bracket (stand) and power adapter included.
  • Key actuated on/off switch for additional safety
  • Complies to EN/IEC 60825-1 Ed2, 2007-03 for Laser Safety


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