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  • Compact, battery powered portable PA-system
  • Perfect for schools, business presentations, …
  • Bluetooth for use with all kinds of portable devices like smart phones.
  • 2 wireless microphones: 1 handmic + 1 beltpack with headset included.
  • USB player with support for MP3 and WMA
  • FM radio with presets
  • Double IR-receiver: the IR-remote (Radio/USB-player) can also be used while you stand in front of the speaker.
  • Internal mixer with:
    • 1 wired microphone input
    • 1 line/aux input: XLR + RCA + mini jack 3.5mm
    • 2band equalizers on all input channels
    • Balanced link output to connect additional active speakers.
  • Class-D 50W amplifier 
  • Excellent sound quality thanks to separate 10" woofer + tweeter 2way speaker combination.
  • Easy transportable thanks to the telescopic handle and wheels!
  • Compartment to range cables and wireless microphones.
  • Internal charger for the (optional) rechargeable battery.
  • 230Vac mains input
  • 12Vdc input for use on car battery, cable included
  • Can be put on top of any speaker stand with 35mm mast