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  • Professional active speaker cabinet for a wide range of different applications.
  • Heavy duty Polypropylene cabinet housing
  • Bi-Amping technology with separate amplifiers for woofer and tweeter for maximum impact: woofer 165W + tweeter 35W RMS-power
  • Fully tuned 6-Band parametric EQ for perfect sound
  • Active 2-way crossover
  • Perfect for both permanent installations and portable use (Rental, DJ, ...)
  • Equipped with a 12" high power woofer & a 1.35” compression driver
  • Balanced MIC + LINE inputs with level control
  • Balanced LINE output
  • Treble + Bass controls + Master volume
  • Blue „power“ LED on the front panel
  • Built-in M8 Rigging points
  • Built-in 35mm stand adapter
  • Monitor support stands included
  • Built-in heavy duty carrying handle
  • Heavy duty rubber feet


€269.00 Regular Price
€229.00Sale Price