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  • Extremely user-friendly 16channel DMX controller for all kinds of applications: stage, DJ, architectural lighting, …
  • Seamless linking of up to 4 units to obtain a virtual controller with maximum 64channels and/or scenes!
  • 2 user modes:
    • Dimmer mode: you can control 16 dimmer channels gradually (extendable up to 64channels)
    • Scene mode: you can create 16 scenes, each containing 16channels (extendable to 64scenes, each containing 64channels)
  • MIDI functionality via USB (16ch):
    • MIDI OUT: all channel faders + flash buttons can also send out MIDI-commands so you can control different MIDI applications (ex. Arkaos, Resolume, DMX-Creator, Daslight, …)
    • MIDI IN: all scenes (16 up to 64) can be controlled by any external MIDI controller (seamless integration with MIDI-software such as Cubase, etc.), perfect for musicians etc.
  • The channel faders can be used to mix several scenes together.
  • Push buttons on top of all dimmer channels:
    • Dimmer mode: used as flash buttons
    • Scene mode: scenes can easily be switched on/off
  • Blackout function
  • Last output is preserved while the unit is switched off and on again (no need to push any button or de-active blackout): perfect for use on exhibition booths, shops, …
  • 4-digit LED-display shows DMX-values (0-255 or 0-100%) and MIDI-values (0-127)