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3-way active system composed by three elements: an active bass cabinet and two passive satellites.
Belonging to the FULL series, well known for its combination of compact size and high performance,
FULL1018ST was conceived to satisfy, in medium-sized rooms, the requirements of both bands looking for the best tool to convey their musical emotions by means of a solid, linear, versatile and no-frills system, as well as the expectations of the most demanding DJs who, with a really small, lightweight and easily transportable system, are able to recreate the sensation of being in front of a very large PA.The FULL1018ST architecture is directly inspired by the other systems of the FULL series and, thanks to the on-board Montarbo DSP controller, it is possible to adapt the system's response to the roomacoustics, monitor the temperature of the power amplifiers, set the time delay for use in sound reinforcement applications and customize the tonal response in order to create a customized sound character.
The bass cabinet, fitted with an 18" woofer, incorporates all the circuitry for the signal processing and power amplification of the entire system. It is equipped with three class-D amplifiers, featuring switching-mode power supplies, controlled by a Montarbo DSP processor (56 bit, 180 MHz, with 24 bit conversion), which handles all the functions of filtering, equalization, delay, limiting and diagnostics. This DSP utilizes an advanced algorithm for real-time control of each amplifier's power output and temperature (both internal and external) as well as including a dedicated standby function which results in reduced power consumption when no signal is present. 5 presets are available, one of which may be customized by the user and stored in the DSP memory, thus adapting the speaker's acoustic response to the user's own personal taste. The presets may be modified with the Montarbo proprietary RAConLSTM software program, supplied with the optional LD2.4 USB interface. With a single LD2.4 USB interface it is possible to operate up to 8 speaker systems by means of PC remote control, making it possible to: program a custom preset and store it in the DSP or store an unlimited number of them in the PC; adjust the frequency response by means of a 10 filter 'full parametric' equalizer; adjust the time delay and output level of each speaker system; and check the signal level and thermal conditions of the power amplifier.


- Medium size clubs.
- DJ sets.
- Any kind of live or recorded music reproduction.
- Fills medium open-space venues with maximum accuracy.
- Stage monitor at large events (in-fill, monitor for the rhythm section, etc.).
- Recording studios, control rooms


€3,999.00 Regular Price
€1,999.50Sale Price