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Shure, the world leader in the professional microphone world, also offers affordable models for easy and functional use. 

Shure quality, accessible to all. 
Entry-level of the Shure brand, the SV series offers accessible and easy-to-use microphones. The SV100A is the perfect companion for any standard use, whether for speech, home recording or any other application. 

Practical and functional. 
Comes with its microphone clip and jack cable, this microphone connects to any support with a jack. It's as simple as that ! In addition, it is ideal for those who want to amplify a voice. 

In the beginning was the word. 
If you were looking for a functional entry-level microphone for your speeches, you've found it! As the first step in the Shure universe, the SV100A offers everything you expect from a microphone when you speak out - a clear voice reproduction and an on / off switch that mutes the sound on demand. 

Versatile microphone. 


It comes with XLR-jack 6.35mm cable, microphone clip, multi-port connector and carrying case 

Category: wired microphone 
Type: voice 
Directivity: cardioid 
Capsule: dynamic 

Cables included: yes 
Switch: yes 
Pliers included: yes 
Accessories included: transport kit

Shure SV100